Comprehensive Addiction Rehabilitation in Las Vegas

Addiction Recovery in Las Vegas: Quality Therapy for Wholesome Recovery

At MMM Services, our core goal is to provide comprehensive addiction counseling in Las Vegas. We fulfill this goal through counseling and therapy. In addition, we rehabilitate people diagnosed with mental illnesses and equip them with the life skills they need to deal with life and work situations.

Anger is a normal emotion you feel when you have been mistreated, upset or threatened. It only becomes a problem when you react in a way to harm yourself or other people. People who always flare up and lose control of their emotions whenever they are angry really need help to deal with their anger problem. Anger management is not about suppressing your anger, rather it is a way to help you understand the real cause of their and how to express it in a healthy way that is not harmful to you or other people.

We offer group therapy. Here our therapists work with a set of people at the same time. Our group therapy in Las Vegas is open for new members to join. During our group sessions, each member is encouraged to take part in the dialogue as he or she sees fit, to express their feelings, share their experiences, learn from and support other members of the group. Therapy groups have proven to be a very effective way to help people relieve stress, guilt and pain.

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Our Core Services

Psycho-Social Rehabilitation

Psycho-social rehabilitation, also known as Psychiatric Rehabilitation (PSR) is a treatment approach designed to help individuals diagnosed with any form of mental illness lead normal lives. Our approach is to build upon the assessed strengths of persons rather than their weaknesses.



Anger management is a term used to describe the skills you need to recognize that you, or someone else, is becoming angry and take appropriate action to deal with the situation in a positive way. Our goal is to reduce both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal that anger causes.


Substance Abuse Counseling

Many people struggle with substance use. These substances include legal drugs, illegal drugs, and alcohol. Some of these people use these substances out of curiosity, or because their friends are doing it, or to ease problems such as anxiety, stress, and depression, or to have a good time.

Our Projects

MMM Services is committed to community development. We organize programs to  educate, entertain, empower the members of our community.



We organize food drive and collect clothes to feed the hungry and cloth the needy in our community.


Our summer camp is focused on molding the youth by engaging them in productive activities that will prepare them for the future. Find out the latest activities lined up for our summer camp.



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